Empowering Youth: AI Models for a Healthier Future

Welcome to SmartCHANGE, the Horizon Europe project that is changing the way we think of health!

By harnessing AI to create advanced risk prediction models and encouraging healthy lifestyles, SmartCHANGE will fight back against cardiovascular and metabolic ailments all over Europe.

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Project assets

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Diverse, Detailed Data

In addition to accessing multiple other medical datasets, the project will compile its own data by working with family units and health professionals in a variety of different settings in four different countries.

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Web App for Health Professionals

Our user-friendly web application will assist health professionals in evaluating and managing health risks related to lifestyle factors. It will provide personalised risk assessments, broken down by specific risk factors, to support clinical decision-making.

Asset 3

Mobile Health App for Citizens

The mobile application has the potential to empower individuals and foster a culture of prevention and wellness in our communities. By leveraging data analytics and machine learning techniques, the app can recommend behaviour changes for healthier habits.

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Best Practices

To develop a toolset that truly works for all the parties involved, we will not only follow pre-existing Best Practices but develop our own based on the active participation and constant feedback loop with stakeholders.

Machine learning lives and dies by the data.

Mitja Luštrek